A Man Heard Teens Insulting A Senior Because Of His Run Down Home, & He Fires Back Perfectly!

A wonderful thing took place in Pendleton, Oregon. A group of volunteers came together, and helped an elderly couple in such a wonderfully kind, and yet simple way. Josh Cyganik was an acquaintance of Leonard Bullock, and spoke to him casually in passing.

One day while working across the street, Josh overheard some teens mocking, and disrespectfully saying to Leonard, a pensioner, that his house was so ugly, and dilapidated, it should be burned down. Josh saw the shattered look on Leonard’s face, and it left him feeling disturbed. Josh felt no senior should be treated like that, and it bothered him for a few days, that is until he did something about it. Josh went and spoke with Leonard, and learned that Leonard, and his wife Dorothy couldn’t afford to paint, and fix things up. So Josh offered to do it for him, and Leonard happily accepted. Josh put the call out on social media, and the volunteers poured in. He managed to enlist over a hundred people by the end of the day when the painting occurred. The volunteers are looking into replacing the roof also, and have bought new garden furniture for the couple.

This is such a great example of how many hands make little work. When we love, and help our fellow man as God commands us to do, life is just so much more meaningful, better, and easier for all of us. When we do things to help each other the feeling of doing that is a reward all in itself. People are calling Josh a hero, and he doesn’t feel he is, he feels he just helped someone who needed it. In a way Josh did come to Leonard’s rescue. He helped him when he couldn’t help himself, and that is the kind of hero everyone can, and should be. Sometimes the littlest things can make such a huge difference in a persons life. So we encourage everyone to help someone who needs it, with an act of kindness, and by using your unique gifts, and skills, and to be the kind of hero that only you can be.