A Lost Newborn Deer Stumbles Into The Arms Of A Little Girl. What Happens Next Is Heartwarming!

This family had just finished unpacking from a trip when this fawn on its shaking, weak new legs, walked through their yard straight into the open arms of their little girl Maya. The two were attracted to each other like magnets, and immediately bonded in the most affectionate way. After showering the fawn with the gentlest love, Maya realized the baby needed to be with its own mum. She unselfishly led the fawn back out toward the woods, and left it resting there for its mum to find it.

The family believed the doe was finding food to get its strength back. Since then they have seen two fawns and a doe, so they are positive it reunited with its mum. After watching her leave it lying there, its a relief for all of us to know its just fine with its family.