A Homeless Man Had No Shoes, So He Gave Him His. What Happened Next? Was Life Changing!

While Andre McDonnell was playing basketball one day with friends, he saw a homeless man with no shoes. The sight impacted him in a special and powerful way. Moved with compassion he took the brand new shoes off his own feet, and gave them to the man. What he did was set a wonderful example for others! That is truly loving ones neighbor, and it is what all of us are called by God to do. When we help a person in need, the satisfaction it gives us, is so much better than anything we could ever imagine. It is a gift from one heart, to another heart, and that is so precious, it is beyond priceless!

Realizing he could do even more in helping the homeless, Andre began his own non-profit organization called, “It’s from the sole.” Now he takes shoes around the most poverty stricken area’s of New York, and personally distributes them with a small team of volunteers to the many homeless. He has managed to put shoes on over 7000 people’s feet! What he is doing is truly a worth while cause if you would like to donate, help, or to learn more please go to – itsfromthesole.org