A Former Janitor & His Wife Move To Ecuador, And End Up Rescuing Over 700 Orphans!

Former Janitor and wife have changed the world for 700 orphans2

What kind of impact can two average people make in this world? The answer is lots, and in a wonderful way. The Allan’s are an ordinary family, who started an orphanage in an impoverished country in South America, and are currently taking care of hundreds of children.

It all started one day when a friend mentioned Ecuador, and the couple felt very drawn to the country. In 1994 Ron, and Glenda Allan felt they were being directed to go to Ecuador, so they faithfully prayed, and waited for an answer. Two years later in 1996 when the time was right they got an answer to their prayers, and it was very strong. They knew it was their life’s calling, and they listened. They sold all their possessions, packed up their family, and flew to Ecuador.

Glenda recalls, “when we arrived in the Andes Mountains, we heard that there were homeless children. So we went to the local children’s hospital, and asked what we could do to help. They called in the court social worker, and she asked us to please open a home. So we said, Okay, and that’s how The Ark Children’s Home began.” Over the years Ron, Glenda, and their family have raised over 700 children. Glenda and Ron beam as they remembered the overwhelming joy, they felt when that first baby boy was placed in their arms. They described an incredible sense of knowing that they were fulfilling God’s mission for their lives. Ron chuckles, “God has brought us here, has provided, and made a way through all of it.”(1)

“The kids make the struggle worth it, Glenda smiles. The trials can be so overwhelming that many times a day I look up to heaven and say, God help, and he does”. “But then I sit on the couch, and the children pile on top of me, the kids smother me in kisses, and tell me all their tales. I bandage a scraped knee, and watch the tears stop, and a little hand reaches up into mine. I see the kids laugh with glee, while Ron puts on his stupid plastic nose, and mustache, and tells the kids stories that help them understand a little more about the God who loves them. Best of all I feel God’s smile on the whole bunch of us, and then I forget about all my complaints”.(2)

The Allan’s have relentlessly continued rescuing children in Ecuador, and are starting on a second ministry in the Philippines. If you would like to know more about their work, and how you can help make a difference for this very worthwhile cause, visit:  ArkChildrensHomes

(1,2) God Smiles by Glenda Allan, blog