A Florida Mum Wrestles Her Dog Out Of The Jaws Of An Alligator!

A Florida woman named Lori Beiswenger heard her dog Hope’s screams, and instantly knew what was wrong. When she got to the scene a seven and a half foot long alligator had her dog in its jaws, and was taking it in the water. Lori who would do anything for the dog she loves admittedly didn’t think twice, grabbed the alligator by the tail, and fought for her dogs life. Lori knew if the alligator got the dog out in the pond it was game over for little hope, and she was not about to let that happen. With the fierceness of a mum’s unconditional love she made that alligator let go.

We are very happy Lori and Hope are now safe, as they both experienced a horrific shock. However we remind people alligators are dangerous, and should be dealt with professionally. We strongly discourage people from doing their own rescue. Lori explains, “it was the dumbest, bravest, thing I’ve ever done, I wasn’t thinking.” Every situation is different, but please people don’t flirt with danger its just not worth it!