A Deaf Mum Is About To Experience The Wonder Of Hearing Her Child’s Voice For The First Time.

Around fifteen years ago Dawn slowly lost her hearing. She struggled, and learned to rely on lip-reading to communicate with others. Dawn later had a beautiful little boy who is now eight years old. All his life she has wondered, and imagined what his voice sounded like. So when doctors told her she was a candidate for a cochlear hearing implant, she was both a little apprehensive, and yet lovingly overwhelmed, at the thought, and wonder of being able to hear her precious boy’s voice for the first time.

The surgery was a success, and this video is their heartwarming encounter as she hears her son for the first time. The way he surprises her by entering into the room to see her, and lets her hear him for the first time is so sweet! This is truly a precious, and beautiful moment for these two, and it is written all over their faces in their reactions. Witnessing this unforgettable moment will make you want to get the tissues!