After A Class Mate Couldn’t Pay For Lunch & Went Hungry This Boy Did Something Awesome!

When Cayden Taipalus helplessly watched a fellow student have to put his lunch tray back, because he didn’t have enough money in his account to pay for it he was extremely upset. It stirred up compassion in him, making him determined to take action, and make a difference. He set about finding a solution to make sure other kids didn’t have to go hungry. He rolled up his sleeves, got to work and started raising money every way he could think of. Since he began his efforts have turned out to be a great success. Cayden has raised enough to buy lunch for 295 kids all over the county. Cayden has shown all of us how just one person, working from a loving heart, doing just a little work each day can help so many in need. Just imagine how great this world would be if everyone did just one thing like this. No doubt this world would quickly become a better place for all of us.