A 5 Yr Old Sees A Homeless Man Being Ignored, So He Teaches Them A Lesson, And Serves Him!

This viral video has really had an impact on people, stirring up kindness, and compassion everywhere. What this 5 year old boy publicly, shamelessly, did for the homeless man is such a humbling example to all. Many times peoples first reactions to homeless people can be apprehension, or shunning them with indifference, like avoiding serving the man in the restaurant. Josiah Duncan dared to be different, he got up, and got a homeless man a menu, and insisted his mum buy the man a meal. He modeled unconditional love. He was doing what Jesus would have done, what we are all called to do. Everyone in the waffle house felt that pure form of love, and it brought them to tears. Josiah didn’t just help the man with a meal, when he sung the blessing, in many ways he was nourishing the mans broken spirit, reminding him God is with him, which may have been something he needed even more!

People are people, whether they have a home or not. People who are homeless deserve the same dignity as anyone else, it’s not our place to judge them. If we all did just a little bit to help our fellow man like Josiah, and his mum, we would eliminate a lot of hunger, and homelessness in this world. This child’s wisdom is well beyond his years, well done Josiah!