99 Balloons Of Love, See How A Family Crammed A Lifetime Of Love Into 99 Days.

This couple found out two months before their baby (Eliot) was due, that he had Edwards Syndrome. Edwards Syndrome causes faulty information to be placed into every cell of the body.  Doctors said the baby would probably not even live until birth. The couple kept praying for a miracle and they did get one! God gave the baby and parents a beautiful 99 days together. In only 99 days the family crammed in a lifetime’s worth of love. This child is proof it’s not the amount of time we have it’s what we do with that time that counts. It is so easy to see that this child brought so much unconditional love into this couples lives. Eliot’s short life has affected millions of lives his story is so beautiful, and touching it has gone viral. The parents outlook and faith renewed my belief in the goodness of humanity. This was a hard story to watch, and I must admit I cried buckets. However, it was also one of the most beautiful stories about unconditional love I have ever seen.