92 Year Old Hero, Shields A 5 Yr Old Girl With His Body, From Being Trampled By A Horse!

A 90 year old Paddock Captain, named John Shear had worked at the Santa Anita Park for 51 happy years. After all those years the day he considers the most important, was the day he was seriously injured by an out of control horse. When a horse got loose in the paddock he yelled to warn others, then looked down to see a five year old little girl named Roxy Key beside him, and right in the path of the horse. Without a second thought John threw himself between the horse, and the little girl, shielding her with his own body. John was hit hard by the horse, but he saved her life that day, and two years later as you will see they have the happiest reunion. It’s heartwarming at the end of their reunion visit to hear John say to little Roxy, “I love you Roxy.” It is easy to see the brave qualities of a hero that John has, and you just know he would do it all over again to save her. He is a true hero of the best kind!