9 Year Old Finds A Pink Creature Crying In The Bushes, What It Is Has Her Running For MOM!

Elysia Laub of Lowell, Indiana was playing in her yard when she noticed a pink creature crying with little hands and feet moving. She really wasn’t sure what she had found so she called her mother. They discovered it was an abandoned newborn baby with the umbilical, and placenta still attached. The baby suffered from a sun burn as it had been laying there for hours and if Elysia had not found her this story could have turned out tragically. The baby girl is in hospital and is in good health. Police have since found the teenage mother who abandoned the baby. Elysia gives full credit to God by saying she didn’t do the rescue alone. She’s positive God sent her to help the baby.

Once again we are asking people to share the news that Indiana and a lot of other States now have Safe Havens for situations like these where the mother is in crisis and to avoid infants being abandoned. The newborns can be dropped off no questions asked at the Fire Department, Emergency rooms, and other designated places within a certain time period after it has been born. There is no reason any child should have to go through this when there is help readily available.