For 75 Years Babies In Finland Have Slept In Boxes & Its Been Saving Their Lives!

75 years ago Finland’s government began to give pregnant mom’s baby boxes, that are basically starter kits for their newborn babies. Within no time the government noticed the rate of infant deaths went down drastically and has stayed down.

Baby boxes are now catching on in other countries, and they are continuing to save precious little lives. The reason the baby boxes are working is because the baby is laid in the box on the tiny mattress with a snug fitted sheet, and there is nothing like bumper pads, pillows, toys, or anything that the baby can suffocate on, or get tangled up in. We urge people looking to purchase a baby box to make sure it is safety approved.

The boxes come filled with practical items that the baby will need during the first year. The box is convenience at its best! Once the baby is moved out of the box it comes in handy for storage, and with a new baby who cannot use more storage! We really liked this because it is such a simple idea that has had such a great impact, and above all has kept precious babies safe.