7 Food Rules Every Healthy Person Should Follow.

In a world full of ever increasing numbers of processed foods many people are finding it harder, and harder to make healthy choices. Here are 7 simple rules to keep in mind as you move through your busy days.

1. Avoid Foods You See Advertised On Television.
Television advertisements are typically for the most unhealthy of foods, for example, when was the last time you’ve seen an advertisement for apples?

2. Don’t Eat Food Where You Buy Your Gas.
There is usually not a lot of healthy choices in there. If your going on a long trip pack a healthy lunch, and stay away from the convenience stores.

3. Don’t Drink Your Calories.
Studies have shown that a fair amount of obesity is linked to drinking high calorie drinks. So lay off the sodas, and juices and stick to real food.

4. Avoid Buying Foods With More Then 5 Ingredients.
The more ingredients a food has the more likely it is to be overly processed, and have chemical additives that you don’t want to be eating.

5. Stay Out Of The Center Of The Grocery Store.
Real food tends to be on the outside perimeter of the grocery store with all the processed food located in the center. Stick to the outside edges of the store, and avoid the processed foods.

6. Eat Your Veggies.
Vegetables aren’t always the most appealing but eating a diet of nothing but meat, bread, and cheese, won’t get you the healthy body your looking for. So suck it up, and eat your veggies.

7. Stay Away From Artificial Sweeteners.
Artificial sweeteners are some of the worst things for you. There are many studies that link all sorts of health problems like heart disease, and diabetes to the consumption of artificial sweeteners. They might not even help you lose weight. Studies show that they disturb the bodies ability to count calories, which results in weight gain. Stay away from artificial sweeteners they are not natural food, and may do more harm than good.

Here is an excellent video about the changing state of our food supply, and what can be done about it.