A 6 Yr Old Girl Brings Everyone At School To Tears, And Teacher Calls Her A Superhero!

We do not want to suffer in any way but think about it what have you learned during those easy times. People do not realize the value of the trials in life teach us.The fact of the matter is we are stretched and learn during those difficult times. We often learn lessons like unconditional love, compassion, patience, vigilance, perseverance, generosity, and even forgveness. We often come out of those hard times wiser, stronger, and better able to look beyond ourselves and our wants and help others fulfill their needs.

Little 6 year old A’Layah knows what true compassion is after having such a rough start in life. Her mom was drug addicted, and she was bounced around in foster care until Misty Robinson’s family finally adopted her. Now this sweet child is putting her hard earned compassion into action. When a tornado ripped through a neighbors home shredding it to pieces she generously decided to give all her savings to help them out. She had been saving up and had wanted to buy a Barbie Jeep. Instead of indulging herself A’Layah felt compelled to help them. She made it her personal mission and even went so far as to sell lemonade to help support the Department of Human Services. People have seen the love this child shares so freely, have been inspired to join their superhero, her ministry has taken off and we hope it continues. A’Layah’s example is exactly what this world needs so badly right now. Jesus summed up what A’Layah is doing when he said in John 15:12 This is My commandment, that you love one another as I loved you. So in this world which seems to be getting more unkind every day we invite all Christians to be the light and show kindness today and everyday. We do not eliminate the darkness in this world by joining in with it, instead we light a candle and be the light and love this world needs so desperately right now.