Son Finds His Birth Mother 65 Years Later!

Carolyn Haner’s grandson was searching their family tree and came across Carolyn’s mother’s name in an adoption file, and learned a child was looking for Carolyn’s mother. Carolyn Haner must have felt like she was in the twilight zone!  She also knew immediately that woman listed on the record had to be her mother, because of the uniqueness of her name. She had a brother she never knew about! Carolyn questioned her mother, and got the secret out of her that had been hidden from everyone since 1945. Carolyns mother Tawana Jo Yadon as a teen age girl had been raped. She later gave birth to a little boy and was forced by her mother to give her son (Fred Kiser) up for adoption. Tawana deeply hurt always wondered about her son.

This video is the touching story of a mother and son reunited after 65 years. The families final freedom from the burden of shame and secrets, coming into the full healing and love of a reunited family, and discovering each other. They are finally being able to express the love they both held inside for so long.

“Just being able to meet her and tell her how much I love her, I’m the luckiest man in the world.”(F.K.)