A 5 Yr Old’s Dad Couldn’t Breathe And Her 911 Call Had Our Jaws Dropping!

Little Savannah absolutely steals peoples hearts in this video. Her father is having chest pains and can hardly breathe, but this little hero has the whole situation under control even though she is only 5 years old. Her 911 call with adult style of speech, and take control of the situation attitude is so incredibly precious! We loved how she kept saying, “so far so good,” and her concern over what to wear was absolutely priceless. The way she handled the situation was perfect. With her smart, calm, logical attitude it’s easy to see this little one just might be a future doctor.

This video was also a great reminder of what Jesus says in The Bible about how we are to take care of our parent’s, honor, and love them especially as they get older. Well done Savannah! We hope your dad gets well soon and God Bless You both.