Over 40% Of His Body Was Burned, See Why He Feels It Was The Luckiest Day Of His Life!

Jamie Manning is a husband, father of three, and professional bull rider that broke a Guinness World record for the longest time on a mechanical bull. On March 27, 2014, his life was changed forever. While driving home, Jamie swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle and ended up colliding with a tree. It was a horrific accident in which Jamie was pinned inside, and caught on fire! 40% of his body was badly burned, he suffered numerous broken bones, and ended up with his left leg, and finger amputated. He has gone through 22 operations. Fortunately Charles Allan Mitchell, Brock Lawrence, and Katie Abbott came along and helped get him out of the wreckage. The three heroes have been recognized for their selfless act and have been awarded the Australian Bravery Award.

Jamie has stunned people with his determination to recover and inspirational attitude. He’s determined to live life to it’s fullest, and he feels lucky to be alive. There’s no bitterness, or anger at what he has lost, and the reason why is because he is focused on what’s important, and is grateful to even be alive. He’s so deeply grateful to those who saved him, and feels so lucky to have survived, and to be able to be around for his wife, and kids as they grow up. His wife Karen has been his steadfast rock of support, and it’s easy to see how their love, and loyalty for each other just shines through in the photos of them together. Marriage and life can be difficult for most people, but sometimes people are fortunate to see a couple with such a wonderful love for each other like Jamie and Karen’s, and you can just tell their love will see them through all their uphill battles. We pray that God Blesses, and helps them in every way they need, now and in the future.