4 Steps To Escaping A Car Sinking In Water, Knowing This Could Save Your Life.

If you were in a vehicle that was sinking in water would you know what to do? Until now I didn’t even know what the right procedure was. It’s a shocking fact that around four hundred people die every year in North America after their cars become trapped under water. Experts say your goal is to get out of the vehicle within the first 30 to 60 seconds, and knowing what to do ahead of time saves lives.

Remember you need to get out of the car before it sinks.

Here are the 4 steps you need to do:
1. Get your seat belts off immediately.
2. Roll the window down.
3. Get out through the window.
4. If you have children get the oldest out first and then the youngest last.

If you cannot get the window open you need to use a window break tool. Buy and keep one in your vehicle in a place that is easy to access like on your rear view mirror. Don’t waste time calling 911 from inside a sinking car, don’t open the doors it will make the car sink faster, don’t try to stay in the car hoping for an air bubble. Most car manufacturers say that power windows will work for a brief period of time in the water so roll them down as quickly as possible.

We recommend people share this with their families, talk through the process, do an imaginary drill, if everyone knows what to do there’s a better chance they won’t panic and will be able to get out safely.