4 Great Tips To Lose Weight And Save Money.

1. Lose weight, save money by cutting out sugar, and low fat foods.
Years ago it was thought that fat was causing health problems like heart disease, so the public was encouraged to reduce fat in their diets. The food industry was more than happy to oblige by lowering fat in our foods. However it had to be made tasty, so what they did was increased the amount of sugar, salt, and chemical additives like flavor enhancers, such as MSG in our foods. Sugar has scientifically been proven to create even more health problems, and low fat foods can often be more expensive.

2. Cut out sugary drinks like pop, and high glucose/fructose juices, and snacks.
When we drink that sugary pop, then indulge in fast food we are eating glucose/fructose and MSG. MSG is a flavor enhancer that makes food taste good, we want to dig in, and pig out, it tastes so good. So what happens is we eat more fast food, and that’s because our brain on a physical level does not realize, or recognize the fact that we have eaten.

3. Avoid processed foods!
The food industry has admitted sugar is one of the major ingredients in 99% of processed foods. It is being hidden, and disguised under the names, glucose/fructose, maltose, dextrose, lactose, corn syrup, raw sugar, cane sugar, cane syrup, honey, fruit juice in the end, they are all a carbohydrate form of sugar.

4. Sugar is a leading cause of weight gain.
Sugar is one of the hardest most destructive foods for the human body to process. There are two parts to the sugar molecule. Glucose, which the brain uses as a fuel, the second is fructose, which is the culprit that causes a lot of havoc in the body. Fructose interferes with the cells, and causes the cells to hold on to fat in our bodies, then a whole host of other health problems follow. Sugar is a known contributor to obesity, diabetes, kidney problems, heart disease, and fatty liver.

Some healthier alternatives that are available at grocery and health food stores are, Stevia, without added dextrose, Xylitol, ask to make sure it is pure and does not contain GMOs, coconut sugar, and date sugar.

Here’s a surprising video on the effects sugar has on the body.

Disclaimer: Please always check with your doctor before trying these products to see if they are suitable for your health needs or concerns.