3 Year Old Drummer Walks On Stage, Takes The Lead & Blows Everyone Away!

When 3 year old Lyonya Shilovsky enters the stage his enthusiasm to get to his drums is so strong he almost runs because he just cannot wait to play. This 3 year old’s drumming abilities are astounding! He’s got all the music memorized, and is playing by ear!

In this video Lyonya’s talent shines, as he actually leads an adult orchestra in a rendition of Jacques Offenbach’s, Orpheus in the Underworld, also known as the Can-Can. This performance took place at the State Concert Hall of Arnold Katz, in Novosibirsk, Russia. At one point Lyonya loses his drumstick, and he just resumes the performance like a little pro, carrying on like nothing ever happened. We will be looking forward to seeing what this little musical master’s next performance will be.