3 Ultrasounds Show Baby Had No Heart Beat, Dad Had One Last Request & It Leaves The Doctor Shocked!

Candace and Dennis Gaines were thrilled to be having another baby after two heart wrenching miscarriages. All seemed to be going well until at 8 weeks Candace started cramping and bleeding. She was rushed to hospital and an ultrasound showed the baby had no heart beat. Any woman that has had an ultrasound has seen that the heart beat shows as a pulsing spot on the scan. Ultrasounds can even see all the 4 chambers of the baby’s heart, and pick up the sound of the heart beat. The technology has gotten so good that the baby can even be viewed in 3 and 4D, there was no way the equipment was wrong three times at two different locations. Dennis and Candace had a feeling they shouldn’t give up, so they requested a second opinion. Again that ultrasound showed the same thing, there was no sign of life in her womb the baby had stopped growing, things were getting worse, and the baby still had no heartbeat.

The parents went home and did not give into despair, but continued to love the unborn baby, not giving up hope, and prayed in faith. Dennis read scripture over his baby which is very powerful, and prayed over his wife. Both parent’s walked by faith, and waited with patience for their miracle.

They returned to their doctor who was urging that she have an abortion before complications began to set in. Thankfully Dennis and Candace requested one last ultrasound. The couple got their miracle, much to the shock of their doctor. The baby had a heart beat! Their baby was alive, and thankfully they did not just go along and have an abortion.

This is a great reminder of what Jesus said in Mark 10:52 Jesus told him, “Go your way; your faith has saved you.” The couple and their doctor, who is now convinced something supernatural happened were ecstatic! We liked the fact that there is documentation and medical records behind this. Today Dennis and Candace are the proud parent’s of a beautiful healthy little girl, very appropriately named Grace. God is Good!