3 Times Horses Taught People A Lesson In Respect!

If these videos do not teach people that horses are smart, can demand respect, and are not to be underestimated nothing will. The horse in this video has an instant reaction to being nudged to go which shouldn’t bother it, but after a few more times it rears up and body slams the woman right off. I have never seen a horse do this before it made our jaws drop and thankfully she was alright.
Watch in this video how the woman ignores the horse for a while then using her whip directs it out of the stables. When it comes back she lightly hits it as it goes by her. The horse purposely rears up only one hind leg and hits her right back in the shoulder.
This video really upset us as this girl runs over and hits the horse and it instantly reacts and kicks her to the ground teaching her a lesson. What is alarming is the way they think it’s funny until she gets hurt. However if the police officer had been thrown off the horse and was seriously injured there would have been serious consequences for this girl. Hitting a police horse is an offence under the law and people have been charged for it. Thankfully nobody was seriously hurt in these videos but we hope people will think before ever hitting a police horse and be kind to all animals.