210 Year Old Tree Is Uprooted By Strong Winds & Entangled In It’s Roots Are 1000 Year Old Secrets!

A tree in Northern Ireland has become a media buzz since it became uprooted. The 210 year old Beach tree in the town of Collooney was uprooted by extremely strong winds. Tangled up in the roots were the remains of a young man who had lived between 1030 to 1200, he’s an archaeological treasure, because researchers have been able to learn so much from his remains.

Researchers believe through carbon dating that he was between 17 and 21 when he died from a violent death. The 1000 year old remains had markings from stab wounds to his ribs, and showed signs he had been wounded in his hands as well. He was given a Christian burial and we pray that after researchers have learned what they can from his remains, he is laid back to rest in a dignified, and respectful way in the land he probably grew up on, loved, and has rested in for so long. God Bless his soul and may he rest in peace.