Blind Man Is About To See His Wife & Baby For The 1st Time. What He Says Made Us Get The Tissues!

blind man sees wife for first time

Gene Purdie is blind and suffers with an eye disease called, Stargardt’s Disease. It affects the retina of the eye…

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Dog Starts Sobbing Uncontrollably When She Realizes Rescuers Are Coming For Her.

dog rescued from well sobs

Animal aid workers were called to rescue a dog who had fallen into a deep well in a village outside…

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Car Crash Catapults Mom & Baby Off 30 Ft High Bridge, Then She Makes A Desperate Move To Save Him!

mom and baby 30 ft fall

What started off as a normal day for 23 year old mom, Jennifer Duncan, turned out to be a nightmare.…

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A Deaf Boy Is Awoken By His Pitbull Trying To Warn Him And The Reason Is Chilling.

deaf boy warned by pitbull

When 13 year old Nick Lamb’s, dog named, Ace desperately tried to wake him he got his attention by licking…

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Boy With Cerebral Palsy Is Asked If He Wants To Scan His Own Groceries And His Reaction? Is The Best!

boy with cerebral palsy scans groceries

When Jeanie Robinson took her son Andy grocery shopping she had no idea he was going to be made so…

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A Woman Hears About An Abandoned Baby In Brazil And Quickly Gets On A Flight!

abandoned baby in Brazil

While standing in a line at a grocery store in, Kaysville, Utah, Janelle Adams heard about a baby boy in…

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When A 2 Year Old Goes Grocery Shopping It’s So Cute It’s No Wonder It’s Gone Viral!

2 year old grocery shopping

When dad takes his 2 year old son, Beckett grocery shopping this adorable little shopper gets really busy. Many of…

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Baby’s Getting To Hear Mom & Dad For The 1st Time And It’s So Precious. Must See!


This is heart melting and so cool to watch unfolding right in front of you! Baby Archer is getting to…

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