See How The Everyday Heroes At Trucker’s Against Trafficking Are Saving Lives!

Truckers against trafficking

The more people know about human trafficking the more things can change for the better. So please read and share…

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Surveillance Video Catches The Heart Stopping Moment A Brave Woman Escapes A Kidnapper.

surveillance video woman escapes kidnapper

The 25 year old woman from Bessmer, Alabama, in the surveillance video was stopped by a man with a gun…

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Terror Attacks In London Have Claimed 5 Lives And Left 40 Seriously Injured.

London terror attack

A grey Hyundai i40 mowed down numerous pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London today. 20 People were thought to be…

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Watch How The Baby Reacts When Mom & Dad Start Singing. Adorable!

singing family yonina

Yoni and Nina Tokayer have made such a feel good video we just had to share it. This happy family’s…

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We Guarantee These Dogs Smiling, Will Have You Smiling!

dogs smiling

These dogs smiling for the camera and their owners are so stinking cute and funny we watched this twice. Our…

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4 Steps To Escaping A Car Sinking In Water, Knowing This Could Save Your Life.

escaping a sinking car save your life

If you were in a vehicle that was sinking in water would you know what to do? Until now I…

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Adorable 4 Yr Old Says She’s Not A Princess, And Her Explanation Will Make Your Day!

not a princess steve harvey

4 Year old viral sensation, Joanna has captured audiences hearts again in this video as she explains why she is…

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Soldier Anxiously Awaits Reunion With His Battlefield Hero Dog.

soldier and dog reunion

What Molly Oliver is doing for these service dogs and veterans is beyond generous and kind hearted. She is a…

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