Girl With Autism Reaches Out Calling A Stranger “Daddy.” His Response? Surprises Mom!

Girl calls stranger daddy

There are times in life that we do small things for people that we just do to be kind, then…

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What This Son Does To Mom On His 1st Wedding Dance Had The Whole Room In Tears!

whole room in tears

On September 21, 2012 the guests at Dave Hastings wedding witnessed something so touching it had the whole room in…

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He’s Waited Long Enough! Boy Baptizes Himself Before The Pastor Can.

boy baptizes himself

Jordan decided he’s waited long enough to be baptized, so the boy just goes ahead and baptizes himself before the…

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Gone Viral! Adorable, Fun Things Happen When He Lays Beside His Shi Itzu Puppy.

Shi Itzu puppy adorable fun

It’s easy to see why this video has gone viral, it has to be the cutest puppy and owner video…

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Hollywood Legend Mickey Rooney Tells Congress His Story Of Suffering Abuse For Years In Silence.

Mickey Rooney Elder Abuse

Hollywood legend Mickey Rooney acted in 200 movies, and he was such a huge name that he helped launch Elizabeth…

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Baby’s Laughing Hysterically Til Mom Says Get Off The Bed, Watch The Dogs Reaction.

Boston Terrier and baby

When Hunprey the Boston Terrier in the video decides he wants to entertain, and hang out with his best friend…

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Coffee Shop Owner Charges People Prices According To Their Conduct!

Austin Simms Polite Prices

Austin Simms is a coffee shop owner from Roanoke, Virginia who is giving people a gentle nudge in how we…

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If You Love Nature You Must See This Stunningly Beautiful Time lapse Video!


This Patagonia 8K time lapse video takes viewers on an awesome journey through Argentina and southern Chile. It was shot…

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